Doctor accused of putting abortion pill in his girlfriend’s tea

In the United States, Dr. Sikander Imran is accused by his girlfriend of causing miscarriage. He reportedly made her drink tea containing Misoprostol, a drug used for therapeutic abortions.

Brook Fiske and Dr. Sikander Irman had a tumultuous relationship for 3 years and lived in Rochester, a city in the state of New York in the United States. One day, he moved to Arlington, Virginia where he landed a new position. Shortly after, Brook Fiske learns that she is pregnant and announces the news to her companion.

“He did not want the child, he tried to convince me to abort, which I refused,” says Brook Fiske on US TV channel WROC . When she is 17 weeks pregnant, she decides to visit him to agree on how they will bring up the child. During this visit, she accuses him of having taken an abortion pill , without his knowledge.


“After finishing my tea, I saw a granular substance in the bottom of the cup, as if a medicine had been crushed,” she recalls. A few hours later, she begins to have contractions .” She started crying, saying that he was a horrible person and that he did  what I was accusing him of”, adds the young woman.

She went imediately to the Virginia Center Hospital emergency room where she loses the child. In his blood, doctors find traces of Misoprostol, a drug used for therapeutic abortions. “According to the nurse, it takes a dose of 200 mg to start the delivery, so he gave me 800 mg” which is the dose for an abortion , recalls Brook Fiske, still at the local chain .

Sikander Irman has been arrested and will be tried for “abortion and willful killing on the fetus”. His trial was scheduled to begin on December 13, but according to official documents, new charges against him were filed, prompting the court to postpone the hearing until March 12.

Nancy Miller

Nancy Miller (MD)  has over 20 years experience as a educator and health practitioner. She has a B.S. from Lake Head University In Thunder Bay, and a Ph.D. in biology from the University of Guelph . Dr. Miller has worked as a special medical consultant for a major insurance provider before becoming a freelance health author and public speaker. There are several ways to contact Dr. Miller here.

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