Dairy-free cheese, crickets and healthy food

Eco-friendly foods are increasingly filling the shelves of our grocery stores. In Quebec, processors for this type of product such as cricket protein bars are growing. A trend that is reflected in the 18th Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert which is taking place in Quebec City this weekend.

Canaad has always been a nurturing ground, and now eco-friendly foods are becoming more and more of a place on our plates.

“There are trends emerging as small businesses of people in the Quebec City area who harvest seaweed and market them,” says Renée Frappier, Founding President of Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert.

“There is a lot of local products related to the eco responsible trend. We want to pollute less. We want to grow our own food to encourage our local producers “, insists Andréanne Martin, dietitian and nutritionist.

Among the novelties presented this year, a probiotic made entirely of pea protein and hemp. Other vegan products are also emerging: foods that mimic cheese.

“Cheese, it’s hard to find that texture in vegan products. It contains more saturated fat, but as one is vegan one does not consume other animal fat products, so no worries “, explains Andréanne Martin.

” It’s perfect for me. I have an intolerance to dairy products and I am looking for products that do not contain them, “says Stéphanie Filion, a consumer met at the show.

Cricket protein bars are one of the star foods.

“The protein of the future: cricket proteins. It requires much less water, less fodder. It’s really a discovery. It’s worth it to sketch in there to conceive how much you do not bite into a cricket, “says Martin.

The food supply for eco-friendly sweets is also growing. We now find honey combined with essential oils, which offers immune properties.

Sue Towsley

Sue Towsley (RN)is the Deputy Editor at Med News Ledger where she covers mental health and emotional wellness. She graduated with a degree in journalism from Ryerson in Toronto. She currently lives in Lethbridge Alberta. Prior to becoming a journalist, Lindsay worked as a health professional in Woodstock Ontario. There are several ways to contact sue here.

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